Why Betcare?

When you play on an online casino, the last thing you want is to be scammed and lose money. It is common knowledge in the online gaming industry that even if most casinos are completely reliable and honest, a lot of them are also trying to earn money at all costs. To achieve this, they are often using very doubtful processes which could be considered abusive or even fraudulent.

By coming on our website and seeking information about a guarantee for online casino players, you prove your awareness about this issue. Indeed, as everyone, you wish to be able to enjoy gambling online while being at peace with your money, knowing you could withdraw it in case you win a big jackpot for instance!

What do we do?

Allow you to play without second thoughts

No more worries about the reliability of online casinos.

Protect you from dishonest casinos

Enjoy the huge universe of online casinos in peace.

Give the players a voice which can be heard by both the casinos and the players

It gives more objective insights about online casinos and help everyone to find the most suitable platform for your needs.

Honest & Reliable online casinos

We are also working with the casinos to improve their Terms & Conditions from a player point of view.

How do we do it?

To do so, we entered a few partnerships with different casinos for various reasons, on which you can be 100% sure to play without any worries. Indeed, even if an online casino decides to scam you and go against its own Terms and Conditions; refusing you a withdrawal for instance, we have the power to force the payment. Worst comes to worst, we will pay ourselves! It is however very important to note that a claim with the Guarantee Betcare can only be lodged when an online casino doesn’t respect its own Terms & Conditions.